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War to the Core is a tactical war game where fleets of motherships struggle for global domination. Control massive powerful motherships and battle for control of the world’s remaining resources by employing a formidable arsenal of weaponry and equipment; shoot deadly long-range projectiles across the world, drop mines, deploy devastating turrets, or send supplies to your allies in their dire moments. Customize your mothership to fit your strategy, whether you rely on long-range weapons and keep your enemies at a distance, or get up close and personal to pulverize your foes protected by heavy armor and shields. Will you prevail?

Our game is currently under development, but you can play it right now. If you like the concept and want to see it go forward, please support the project and share the word.
UI Mock Up Defensive TurretDefensive Maneuvers

Realtime Battle

Destroy your foes with long range weapons and orbital strikes or bolt into their ranks with armor and short-range weapons of extreme devastation.

Multiplayer Team Action

Bring your friends and join the battle for planetary dominance. Every game is a battle between opposing alliances.

Tactical Warfare

Dominate the battle with strategically placed resource harversters, turrets, mines, and hidden lurking ships.

For the Alliance

Play as a team. Send supply caches to the far reaches of the world, establish energy links to friendlies, or intercept incoming projectiles.

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