The win condition is simple: the team with the most ships remaining at the end of a match is victorious. How you get there is up to you and your teammates. The world is literally your playing field; group up and take it slow, lay out a defensive barrier of mines and wait, or put on your hard-hats and take the fight to the enemy–the choice is yours.



War can take a lot out of a person, and it takes a lot out of ships, too. Moving, Firing, and Dropping all consume various resources, some of which will recharge over time but others will not. You can pick up resource caches dropped by allies or found on the surface below by clicking the MAGNET icon or using the hotkey [X].



Click the ARROW icon near the bottom of the screen or use the hotkey [C], then click where you want your ship to go. Pressing [SPACEBAR] or holding Left-Click on the arrow icon will turn off the engines, stop movement, and conserve energy. While moving you can still perform other actions, but be mindful of your resources and energy.



Click the MISSILE icon in the bottom-left corner or use the hotkey [Z] to activate firing mode. Hold down Left-Click to charge and release to fire. The target cursor will be green when it is safe to fire and red while it is still charging, and there is a short cooldown between shots before you can fire again. You can select between weapon types by clicking the small icons next to the fire button.



Choose between various utility drops in the bottom-right corner and click the icon or use the hotkey [V] to drop one where your ship is currently. You can choose between a turret, a mine, and a static probe. Turrets and mines activate when ships fly near enough to their radius and will activate automatically. Static probes will activate to reveal enemy ship locations if they come close enough. Be careful to not stick around too long, though, because your own mines can damage your team’s ships, too.



Click on the RADAR icon to select your scanner. Within the highlighted radius of your ship, hold the Left-Click button down in an area you want to scan and drag the cursor in any direction before letting go to start the scan. Scans will reveal enemy ships as well as enemy mines, turrets, and static probes. Keep in mind the highlighted circle around your own ship, which will show you a general location of enemy ships around the world. You can use this to inform your actions, but remember it is only a general idea of where the enemies are, not a precise location.



As you win (or lose) more and more battles, you will be able to upgrade or unlock parts for your ship. You can equip different types of ammunition or drop packages for more firepower or you can upgrade other utilities on your ship, including engines for movement speed and generators for resource management.



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War to the Core

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