Server Agent Bootstrapper in Repository:

what is the Server Agent Bootstrapper

To simplify our deployment, Instead of pushing to cloud services, we made an always running agent (as a windows service that auto starts up).

Security of Bootstrapper

To can make the requests by the Bootstrapper to the API to handle its function, this service should be secured that happened by using Public Key and Private Key authentication, by going to

post action of SecurityApi  by user Id will generate in the swagger response
the two Keys paste them in the “BallisticServerAgent” project App.config file.

It’s Functionality

The agent when installed will generate a fixed GUID and call a server API to register itself as a valid server while sending its IP.

It will then poll an API frequently to check if there is a newer version of the server available for it to get. If it finds one, it will:
1. Terminate the running server.
2. Move the logs files into a folder with a time stamp (as old logs). This step has to happen after the server is successfully terminated, otherwise, it will not be able to move the files.
3. Delete old server bits.
4. Download the new server bits.
5. Download the license file, if available.
6. Start the new photon server bits.
7. Kick off the Ballistic server.

How to Install it (Manually):

1- Run Developer Command Prompt for VS (as administrator)
2- Redirect the path to the location of the service directory (BallisticServerAgent.exe)
3- Run this command  installutil BallisticServerAgent.exe then click enter  Note: there is space after “installutil.” If running in a normal command prompt the installutil executable will be in a location like C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319.

4- Go to services in your PC then search for “Ballistic server agent service” then right click choose to start.

5- After moments you will see the Photon folder in path C:/Photon  and if you look at the task manager you will find the Photon running and also our service (if all things passed correctly).

How to uninstall it (Manually):

The same steps 1,2 and 3 in the “How to Install it” but replace the command by this command

installutil /u  BallisticServerAgent.exe

Install/Uninstall Automatically:

From the installation folder, you will find a file called   InstallBootsrapper.ps1   run it as administrator by power shell.

Logs Of  Server Agent:

You will find the log of server agent bootstrapper under the install location.



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