The mothership is at the heart of our struggle. When you’re out in space, fighting against an onslaught of enemies, your mothership is your single hope to survive and leave Earth alive, along with the millions that have been entrusted to you. It’s the vehicle that opens up new opportunities in distant systems.

So… Keeping in mind the grand role motherships play, we’ve decided to give our motherships a face-lift. The new ones are much more worth fighting and dying for. We hope it will be to your liking!


New mothership concept


We’ve reviewed a number of concepts, as well as pros and cons of the existing design one (based on concept #4 below). It was somewhat challenging to come up with a futuristic design that’s in line with the purpose of the ship (Form Follows Function) and I feel proud of our art team and the quality work they’ve delivered for this one.


Previous concepts
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