Interceptors are among the upcoming new features in development for War to the Core.  They are small, automated warships that alternate between attack and defense.  Player-controlled Motherships can fight against incoming enemy Interceptors to defend their base or fly alongside their own fleets of Interceptors to victory.  You can also exercise some tactical control over your Interceptors, modifying their flight paths to avoid obstacles, strike secondary targets, and attack from unexpected directions.  The following is a description of how Interceptors will work in War to the Core.  This aspect of the game will continue to expand and improve based on testing results and player feedback.


1. Interceptors spawn at their alliance base and circle around it. A path indicates the route that Interceptors will follow when they attack. By default, this path is a straight line from the allied base to the enemy base.


2. If an enemy moves within an Interceptor’s long aggro range, it will attack the enemy.  When the enemy is destroyed or moves out of the aggro range, the Interceptor will resume circling the allied base.

3. When Interceptors reach a certain number, they begin traveling towards the enemy base.  On launch, a new set of Interceptors begin spawning at the alliance base.

4. Aggro ranges on Interceptors deactivate once they start traveling.  If an enemy, however, moves into an Interceptor’s (relatively small) attack range, the Interceptor will stop traveling and start attacking.  When finished attacking, or if the enemy moves out of range, the Interceptor will resume traveling towards its destination.


5. Draw way-points to modify their Interceptors’ path.  To start drawing a path, first Shift + left clicks on your alliance base.  This will bring up a set of icons for all commands that affect the whole alliance, including: “Create Way-points” and “Clear Way-points”.  After selecting “Create Way-points”, you can create way-points by pressing Shift + right click.  Each time you create a way-point, the interceptor path will update to display the new route.  Right click to draw a final way-point and the newly created path becomes the new interceptor route.

6. If you don’t like your selection, press ESC to cancel your design, which will cause the path to return to what it was before the player started modifying it.  To clear an existing path, select the “Clear Way-points” icon from your alliance base.

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  • Lotus
    September 5, 2018 at 5:29 am
    Regarding #4, I don't think we should allow interceptors to move out of their paths to attack enemies. This would make it too easy to lure them away in endless pursuit or kite them. Instead, we should make them only stop and attack if something is within its firing range. Otherwise, it should just move along. For #5 and #6, I think that UI is not as intuitive and quick as the one we currently have for the motherships. Right now if you left click on a location you move to it, but if you shift-click you queue multiple waypoints. We can use the same for the interceptors, except that if you click on your base, you cancel the waypoints and if you click on the enemy base (or some other target, such as another launch pod in the future) you commit the current path.

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