We want to keep our community engaged so we need to continuously be publishing valuable content.

Our Metrics

We want to reach the following targets in the short term:

What is our current online presence?

The list below shows our entire online presence as far as we know. Not all are populated or even active, but we have reserved the following:

What did others share about us?

We will compile a list of articles written about our game here.

  • http://www.neocrisis.com/interviews/featured-interviews/10021-war-to-the-core-interview

How do we share content?

  1. Start by preparing a draft of the article or media with its full caption and text on our WP site as a post in the “PR” category.
    1. Put a short tagline as the first paragraph, unless the title itself is sufficient. This will be used as the Twitter text when sharing on Twitter.
    2. When it is ready for review, share it with the team in #pr and ask for feedback. Address the feedback and republish as many iterations as needed.
  2. When ready, move it to the “Development Updates” category if the post is a dev update. Otherwise, proceed to social media publishing directly.
  3. For most content, make a copy of the content and post it on IndieDB (by clicking the + sign on the relevant tab).
  4. When we have more indie-specific content (like dev progress and “making off”) these should be created as articles and posted on IndieDB. They should contain 6 or more media pieces and enough text, because this makes the most eligible to be featured on their front page automatically.
  5. For videos, schedule it on YouTube and reference it where possible. Note: This needs to go live before other social media referencing it get published.
  6. Schedule content on our official Facebook & Twitter including links to YouTube or IndieDB. Make sure you do not post immediately, but rather schedule to publish in the future.
  7. Share the pending content link on #pr to get final reviews.
  8. Once the content goes live, feel free to retweet and share using your personal account as you wish.
  9. Publish to our other channels as well after that point at will.

Communicating on other channels we don’t own

  1. Identify major indie forums, websites, and blogs and follow them frequently to keep tabs on what’s going on.
  2. Do not spam any of them with content about our game.
  3. Participate in meaningful discussion with them and provide feedback as reasonable. There is no need to explicitly mention our game unless an opportunity presents its self organically.
  4. Put our game name, genre, and link to our website in your signature so your posts act as link backs to our game.

Scheduling content

There are quick links to our top scheduled content outlets. Be sure to schedule content at relevant times and make it is reviewed before it is published.

Once you have scheduled content, post about it in #pr to get final reviews before it goes live.

When to schedule post?

Best days to post to social media according to some studies are:

  • Thursday and Fridays from 1 PM to 3 PM.
  • Thursdays 8 PM.
  • In general 1-4 PM in the second half of the week.

Keep in mind that if the content has a good reason to be posted at a different time, go for it. These are just preferred times based on statistics.

What to post?

Any content that is exciting to our players and doesn’t reveal any “secret” plans is fair game.

  • Existing game mechanics.
  • Upcoming features.
  • Interesting battles.
  • Proposed ideas and concepts.
  • The “making of” captures of some process.

Preparing media

Here are some tips to help us produce high quality content. We will update these tips as we get better at it.


  • If you are recording with others, let them know beforehand so they can avoid polluting the chat with details you don’t want in the video.
  • Capture videos at the highest resolution possible, then montage later. It is possible to reduce the quality later to shrink the size.
  • Capture videos with sounds but without music. This makes it easy to montage it without the music track being cut. You can then overlaying the music on the final video. This is not needed for videos that won’t be composed of different parts.
  • Trim uninteresting portions of the video to keep it short, small, and exciting.
  • Change camera angles to make show things from different perspectives.


  • Capture the highest resolution images you can. Most people have high rest displays now that low res would look very bad for them.
  • Bring up the video quality to max when capturing still images. Remember that your FPS won’t matter in a still shot.


  • Make sure the article is exciting with sufficient visuals in it to keep it interesting.
  • Don’t post lots of text, keep the text short and in small chunks separated by other media.

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