Classic metric alerts in Azure Monitor provide a way to get notified when one of your metrics cross a threshold.

  1. In the portal, locate the resource that you want to monitor (VM that contains the server node), and then select it.
  2. In the MONITORING section, select Alerts .
    The text and icon might vary slightly for different resources.
  3. Select the Add metric alert  , will see the target (VM)  choosed automatic .
  4. Select  alert criteria for example
  5. Select the Metric that you want to monitor. Then choose a Condition and Threshold value for the metric. Also choose the Period of time that the metric rule must be satisfied before the alert triggers. For example, if you use the period “Over the last 5 minutes” and your alert looks for a CPU above 0%, the alert triggers when the CPU has been consistently above 0% for 5 minutes. After the first trigger occurs, it triggers again when the CPU stays below 0% for 5 minutes. The CPU metric measurement happens every minute.
    after fill all data needed , press Done. (those numbers will change depends on needed)

    6. Name your alert rule. Then choose a Description, which also appears in notification emails.
  6. Define Action Group that will notify when the alert triggered.
  7. after action group created select it:

    8. review all changes and then click create button :

    press refresh button you see the created rule enable by default.
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