1. Chapter 1: Getting away.
    1. Escape from the Shepards. Daniel & Jax departs with damaged ship, missing most of its components and low on energy. A harvester is placed near the ship, generating supply caches. Player collects energy caches and escapes a ring mines (not turrets). No supply links allowed. Sylvia introduces sensor component, use to reveal the mines. It explains that it can detect hidden objects in short range, and that this is temporarily boosted.
    2. Get rapid fire. Sylvia provides the location of a secret cache that will help the player build up ship. It is guarded by a corridor of turrets, behind them are small “virtual chambers” guarded by short range fast firing turrets that players cannot approach. In the corridor itself, there are scattered energy supply caches that the player will need to collect most of get to the end. At the end of the corridor, player obtains a cache containing rapid Fire, but is left at a dead end with no where to go.
    3. Kill interceptors. With enough energy, Sylvia was able to bring the rapid fire component online. The Shepards send interceptors towards the Daniel who is now stuck in the dead-end. He uses rapid fire to destroy a few waves of interceptors that are getting more numerous over time.
  2. Chapter 2: Regaining power.
    1. Aid arrives. Bakhtar’s ship teleports next to the player then provides a supply link to Daniel. Who then uses engine boost and rapid fire to walk his way back the same corridor in the opposite direction to clear a path safe from interceptors for Bakhtar’s ship. Bakhtar’s ship follows the player and as it moves, it shoots long range projectiles at the turrets on the sides to destroy them. The player collects pieces from the chambers behind them as they are destroyed. When all pieces are obtained, scanner component is unlocked.
    2. Evade mines. Daniel goes on a quest to get more weapons for his ship. Sylvia announces a minefield, Bakhtar indicates that enemy fleet is attacking his base so needs to go defend it, and Daniel have only limited time finish this mission and go help him. Player needs to collect hidden supply caches while avoiding hidden mines and reach the target destination before time runs out. The destination contains the long range weapon component.
    3. Defend allied base. Allied base is under attack and Bakhtar’s ship is damaged and cannot fire any more. Their fleet is destroyed and a few ships remain that are attacking the base. Bakhtar supplies the player with energy, and the player must save the base from the attacking ships.
  3. Chapter 3: Fortify
    1. Holding the base. Bakhtar’s ship is in repair. A few harvesters are available, Sylvia instructs the player to establish supply links to the the harvesters to gain energy. Enemy interceptors arrive in waves from all sides, attempting to destroy the base and the harvesters. Player needs to protect the base. At start waves come from one side at a time, then they start arriving at the same time.
    2. Tower Defense. The player is given access to turrets and uses them to fortify the base and defend it from the interceptors. Sylvia instructs the player of the need to connect to turrets to control them. Player still needs to connect to the harvesters for energy.
    3. Expanding out. Interceptors and enemy motherships start attacking base. Player is given mines and static probes to defend it. He is also given harvesters that he needs to deploy at specific points that are stretched out in distant locations. They all need to survive.

Chapter 1

Mission 1

Objective :

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Avoid traps.
  3. Escape the jail.

Description: After Escaping from shepards, the player (Daniel) is in control of the ship thanks to Jax Bakhtar (Ally), Once he get into the ship Sylvia (AI Assistant) is turned on and welcomes him, but it seems like the ship is damaged and missing most of its components.

Sylvia begins the analysis of surrounding area and warns the player about the boundary mines, which explodes once anybody get close to it.

the Player has low energy at the beginning.

Sylvia teach the player how to move using mouse right click.

Sylvia provides the player with the location of  cache that was hidden by his father.

he has to pick the cache to keep moving.

After starting the engine and begin moving, Sylvia warns the player about the hidden mines (traps), so it introduces the player to the “Sensor” Component.

After that, the player has to avoid the hidden mines besides passing through the ring of mines (forming the jail) to escape into the Coalition hall to complete the mission.


On scene begin: 

SYLVIA: Pleased to meet you, Commander. I’m Sylvia, I will help you get acquainted with the ship’s controls.

SYLVIA: First, our ship is dangerously low on power. Before he was arrested, your father hid a supply cache nearby.

On picking up Supply Cache:

Excellent! The Coalition has tried to imprison us by surrounding us with turrets. Let’s escape, shall we?

Mission 2

Objective :

  1. Avoid turret shots.
  2. Complete Energy generator parts.
  3. Destroy the turrets to escape the Shepard coalition.

Description: after escaping the jail, the play find himself in front of Coalition guards along the path with no enough energy to fight.

Sylvia analyzes the area and informs the player that there is a harvester in one of the virtual chambers in the corridor.

the player begins at the start position then he has to enter each of the 4 rooms to find the harvester, so as to get enough energy through picking up generated supply caches to fight. each room has (Fixed-point Turrets) same as the previous mission.

along the path, there are Coalition Guards (Fixed-point Turrets) that covers different areas, also the further you go, the harder you got shot and the number of these guards will increase for sure.

at the end of the corridor, the player find a cache that contains rapid fire component.

after getting rapid fireSylvia begins integrating it into the ship, while doing this it introduces the player to the component.

the player continue walking along the path to find the way out but he will be encountered by Coalition Guards (4 Normal Turrets), the player has to destroy them to open up the Hall gate and complete the mission.


On scene begin: 

SYLVIA:  Commander, sensors detect critical generator components nearby.

SYLVIA: If we can sneak past the guard turrets and acquire them, we will be able to bring the ship’s weapons back online.

On picking up first component:

SYLVIA: That’s one, # more to go!  Once we have assembled all the parts, we will be able to bring our Rapid Fire system back online.

On picking up second component:

SYLVIA: That’s two, # more to go!  Rapid Fire is a short range weapon that deals damage over time.  Your enemies will stay away from you once this warms up!

On picking up third component:

SYLVIA: That’s three, # more to go!  Some enemies, including these guard turrets, have a minimum range.  Get in close with Rapid Fire and you can tear them apart with impunity!

On picking up last component:

SYLVIA:  Excellent, Rapid Fire is back online!  Try it out by selecting the Rapid Fire command, then click on the map in the direction you wish to fire.

SYLVIA:  There are four turrets up ahead blocking the prison exit.  We will need to destroy them to escape.  Time to blow something up!

Mission 3

  • Link to [harvester]. Click the structures icon to view your construction options, then click on the harvester. Press ‘ D’ to place a harvester at your current location.
  • Enemy interceptors appear away from base. Destroy [all interceptors].

Mission 4

  • Enemy interceptors appear from all sides. A timer begins counting down. Ship and Base must survive until time runs out.
  • More batches of interceptors continue to spawn from various directions until end of mission.


Chapter 2

Mission 1

  • Player is near allied base. An allied ship is fighting an enemy ship (both AI controlled). The allied ship starts at lower health and thus is losing.
  • Destroy enemy ship. Player and Allied ship must survive.

Mission 2

  • Two enemy motherships appear, along with multiple squads of interceptors.
  • Defeat enemy ships. Player, allied ship, and allied repair bay must survive.
  • Enemy motherships teleport out of mission when low health.

Mission 3

  • Three enemy motherships appear, along with multiple squads of interceptors.
  • Defeat enemy ships. Player, allied ship, and allied repair bay must survive.
  • Enemy motherships teleport out of mission when low health.

Mission 4

  • One high-level strong enemy mothership appears.
  • Defeat enemy ship. Player and allied repair bay must survive.
  • Mission ends when enemy ship is low health.

Chapter 3

This mission series focuses on traversing hostile terrain and small mothership battles.

  • Daniel is forced to run
    • Several Cyborg motherships arrive and destroy allied base.
    • Run away from enemy fleet through territory filled with traps to get to location provided by Bakhtar before time runs out.
  • Daniel and Bakhtar navigate through hostile territory to reach Shepherd HQ.
    • Chased by enemy motherships
    • Territory filled with traps (mines, turrets, etc.)
  • Daniel arrives at Shepherd HQ just in time to participate in a medium scale battle.


Chapter 4

  • Series of objectives where Player is sent to capture or destroy key targets.
  • Final mission is a trap. Tacitus defects to the enemy.


Chapter 5

  • Series of objectives where player must navigate through chaotic battles to find and rescue allied motherships.


Chapter 6

This mission series focuses on medium to large scale battles between teams of motherships. Full construction and ability options available, can give directives to allied ships.

  • Series of small free-for-all battles between Player’s team, Cyborgs, and Mutants. Mirror the multiplayer game, but against AI.
  • Final Objective: General Tacitus negotiates a cease-fire with the mutants, brings a large fleet to attack the Player’s alliance.


Chapter 7

This mission series tests the player’s mastery of the mechanics introduced in previous missions. The player is consistently at a numerical disadvantage and also has to navigate trap-filled terrain with tight time-limits.

  • Player travels to the science facility, but is harassed by Captain Gu-rok along the way, who was assigned to delay the Shepherds. Gu-rok escapes first encounter, player is given a choice to pursue or ignore.
    • If pursue: Player kills Gu-rok, who dies with honor. Mutant defenses are more heavily fortified when Player arrives and Player has less time to get past them.
    • If ignore: Player is attacked by Gu-rok from behind while trying to get past defenses.
  • but the Mutants have already arrived and fortified the area. They have the technology on board and waiting for it to fully charge. Once it does, their alliance will be able to escape the Earth, taking the technology with them and leaving everyone else behind—possibly without enough resources left to follow. Player must break through the Mutant defenses before time runs out.


Chapter 8

Outnumbered, outgunned, and cornered, the Player must survive this last high-difficulty battle to complete the campaign.

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