Release Process

This post explains the steps required for releasing our software. It should be updated to reflect our latest tooling and processes. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Build From Unity Build->Asset Bundles to repack the bundles for the platform. Build->Client to build the actual package From the Ballistic solution, create the app package build option for the […]

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Game Invitation & Referrals

When a player creates an invitation an entry is created in the GameInvitation table with a new Game Invitation ID and stores the Player ID as an entry. Then when a new user accepts an invitation (by logging in from the landing page), we add an entry in the GameInvitationEvent table which maps the Referring […]

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Development Guidelines

These are rules and guidelines that all developers on the team need to follow. Any code changes need to go through code review before getting committed. Refer to the code review guidelines. Tasks on our task tracker should only be marked as resolved when someone else other than the developer tests and verifies them. The only […]

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The web API allows programmatic access to server features and data without overloading the game servers. It is hosted independently and allows us to separate our tiers cleanly. Our base API URL is: We have swagger enabled, so you can explore the API at Please note that we are currently forwarding the URL, […]

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Teamwork: Code Reviews

Before you commit any code to the repository, you need to get either two sign offs from TWO gate keepers, or ONE sign off from a senior gate keeper. A "sign off" means that you got an approval AND you have no pending defects/issues still open in the CR. Gate Keepers Shaimaa Abdelhamed Mahmoud Hamza [...]
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Best Practices & Tips

This post is a collection of best practices, tools, and recommendations that may be useful to our team. Code Review Refer to our guidelines for code reviews in our team here: For general CR advice, see this: Unity This article have some interesting Unity best practices that can really come in handy: Article about […]

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Basics: Game Properties

Our game relies on a lot of data being sent to and from the server. The data is serialized into JSON before it is transmitted over the wire. Instead of handcrafting the packets by hand for each request, we have a generic system that allows us to keep the logic that deals with serialization centralized. This […]

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Server Deployment

The client and server share the same “VersionInfo.cs” file that defines the versions. This allows us to detect if a client is too old relative to the server. The current server build-deploy cycle needs serious rework and automation. Currently it works as follows: On build, the server binaries are placed in the Server\Photon folder\deploy\Ballistic\bin. The script Server\Photo\Server\CreateDeployment.ps1 […]

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Development Process

This is the recommended development process that our developers should follow. We will improve the process as we learn more. When you get set up, checkout the code into two locations. One is used for development and that is where you do your changes. The other is for verification, you never change anything in that location, you […]

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Intention Win battle Destroy enemy ship Reduce HP to zero Conditions Ship must be functional. Ship must be equipped with a functional cannon. Ship must have sufficient resources (e.g. energy) to fire projectile. Cannon must not be in cool down Cannon must not blocked by any effects Mechanism The player takes aim within the ship’s cannon firing range. […]

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War to the Core

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Latest Updates

  • Solo missions

    Solo missions

    Hey guys, here are the specifics of the first two solo missions, those are sketches of the first two missions. First mission: A harvester is placed near the ship, generating supply caches. The player collects energy caches and escapes a ring of mines. No supply links allowed. The sensor component is introduced by one of […]Read More »
  • We made it to the Top 100!

    We made it to the Top 100!

    We are stoked that we managed to land on IndieDB’s Indie of the Year’s Top 100 list! We are also the only MOBA that made it to the list! The support we got from the community was overwhelming, and we would like to thank each and every person that helped us get this far. Whether […]Read More »
  • Full Campaign Series, Version 3

    Full Campaign Series, Version 3

    Characters: Daniel Blaze. Protagonist, player-character. Headstrong and rebellious. Ambiguous loyalty to the Shepherd Coalition. Joseph Blaze. Father of Daniel Blaze. Commander of the Leviathan mothership until executed for treason by the Shepherd Coalition. Sylvia. AI assistant. Provides intel, advice, mission objectives. Captain Zhukov. Cyborg commander assigned to hunt down player during the first several missions. […]Read More »
  • Story: Episode 1, Version 2

    Story: Episode 1, Version 2

    The Blaze family had long been controversial. They supported the Shepherds, but continually frustrated the Orthodox elements of their faction. Joseph Blaze was especially known for his tolerance of the weakling families that used genetic engineering to alleviate the sicknesses that exposure to the Earth’s surface had inflicted on them. Such tensions between orthodoxy and […]Read More »
  • Story: Episode 1

    Story: Episode 1

    Location: The Pole Base. When Daniel Blaze passed his final test and became the primary candidate to pilot the Leviathan, the Shepherds’ newest ship, he caused a quite a stir. Not because he’s the youngest member of the Pole fleet to be nominated for admiralship, the faction had already made peace with this as a […]Read More »
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