The bug reporting system is a system that correlate server and clients logs when an error or exception happen on any of them. and store those logs in an accessible container for us developers so that we can debug the errors and fix them as fast as possible. The system automatically report errors as soon […]

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The Dialogue System

The dialogue system is responsible for delivering information to the player, it’s responsible to show story dialogues, hints and controls assisting messages. The dialogue system is divided into 3 sections The dialogue popup panel The dialogue popup manager The dialogue popup library (Contains story characters data, hints data and visual library) First: The dialogue Popup […]

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Before setting up the server, there is a service called “Bootstrapper” responsible for register the server to the storage by calling “Agents”  “POST /api/Agents” from the API, this service gets the server Id from the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Forgotten Mines\GameServer  , the Key Name: ID.. the Key value is the server Id value) where the same service generate it […]

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We need to use local storage when testing our works.  To use local storage, perform the following steps: 1 – Install Azure Storage Emulator and put the installation path in the Path environment. 2 – We have the following Apps: Server, Website, WebAPI, the Bootstrapper, the GAME, and other tools. 3 – To test something […]

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In order to increase our testing for server code and prevent long time blockers and sudden server dropping. We will use no-ip service to enable setting up a static address for the devs local server to be used / connected to remotely/publicly. To do that you will need to register for the no-ip service (it’s […]

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We have a solo play mode, each solo play round is based on a solo mission. A solo mission is composed of entities and objectives. The solo mission is done when all the objectives are completed. Each Objective is a based on our property collection which means it can have any desired parameters based on […]

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Using Microsoft Visual Studio to build websites can create a local certificate to provide HTTPS functionality. Visual Studio includes IIS Express, a “lightweight” version of Internet Information Server designed for the needs of developers. Identifying the problem When IIS Express is installed with Visual Studio, the installation process creates an IIS Express Development Certificate that […]

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How rapid fire works

Rapid Fire User input 1 – When the user presses the mouse left button it will invoke ClientRapidFiring.LocalPlayerStartedRapidFiring() this method will Process the StartRapidFireClientAction with the necessary data 2 – If the user still holding the left button ClientRapidFiring.UpdateRapidFiring() will run every certain time and it will invoke UpdateRapidFireEntityClientAction , this will update the bearing […]

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Shipcontroller.cs Controllers the process on the visual 3d ship “ShipInteractionManager.cs is the bridge between the user and the controller” when the player chooses a slot or component to buy, sell or whatever, its view is ShipView.cs has the slots and the components UpgradeController.cs Controllers the updating of the components and its view is UpgradeView.cs ComponentPropertiesController.cs […]

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The game audio now is refactored and centralized through FMOD and audio packs in unity, this new implementation allows us to control and manage all audio through 2 steps, this also will allow us to freely add multiple audio packs that hold all audios inside the game. The 2 steps are separate so it doesn’t […]

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War to the Core

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  • Solo missions

    Solo missions

    Hey guys, here are the specifics of the first two solo missions, those are sketches of the first two missions. First mission: A harvester is placed near the ship, generating supply caches. The player collects energy caches and escapes a ring of mines. No supply links allowed. The sensor component is introduced by one of […]Read More »
  • We made it to the Top 100!

    We made it to the Top 100!

    We are stoked that we managed to land on IndieDB’s Indie of the Year’s Top 100 list! We are also the only MOBA that made it to the list! The support we got from the community was overwhelming, and we would like to thank each and every person that helped us get this far. Whether […]Read More »
  • Full Campaign Series, Version 3

    Full Campaign Series, Version 3

    Characters: Daniel Blaze. Protagonist, player-character. Headstrong and rebellious. Ambiguous loyalty to the Shepherd Coalition. Joseph Blaze. Father of Daniel Blaze. Commander of the Leviathan mothership until executed for treason by the Shepherd Coalition. Sylvia. AI assistant. Provides intel, advice, mission objectives. Captain Zhukov. Cyborg commander assigned to hunt down player during the first several missions. […]Read More »
  • Story: Episode 1, Version 2

    Story: Episode 1, Version 2

    The Blaze family had long been controversial. They supported the Shepherds, but continually frustrated the Orthodox elements of their faction. Joseph Blaze was especially known for his tolerance of the weakling families that used genetic engineering to alleviate the sicknesses that exposure to the Earth’s surface had inflicted on them. Such tensions between orthodoxy and […]Read More »
  • Story: Episode 1

    Story: Episode 1

    Location: The Pole Base. When Daniel Blaze passed his final test and became the primary candidate to pilot the Leviathan, the Shepherds’ newest ship, he caused a quite a stir. Not because he’s the youngest member of the Pole fleet to be nominated for admiralship, the faction had already made peace with this as a […]Read More »
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