We need all the help we can get to build something our players will love. There are many ways you can help us out. Whatever approach you take, we really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Help us build our community by sharing our website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. A stronger community of supporters will help us deliver an amazing game.

Do you have skills and talents that can help us? Are you willing to donate some free work and get a mention in our credits? Amazing, drop us a line.

With better funding, we will be able to iterate faster, introduce additional features, and significantly improve our game polish. We will setup a payments gateway to accept donations and will offer a few perks/rewards to our backers (including those that donated before we announce our perks). In the meanwhile just contact us if you’re interested in donating.

Hit our Discord community or Facebook page and tell us how we can improve our game. We are an agile team and have no corporate agendas that we have to follow. We have complete freedom to change any aspect of the game!

Quality assurance is essential for building a polished game and it costs a lot of time and effort; but you can help out. Join our private test team, try our new features before they make it into the game, and take part in making sure they are in great shape when they land in the game.

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