The Development Team

Mokhtar Khorshid - Project Lead

As a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, Mokhtar brought HoloLens to the World and worked on Microsoft’s Private cloud as well as Azure. For decades before joining Microsoft, Mokhtar worked as a freelancer and contractor for multiple clients, including Clickteam; his favorite French company.

Mokhtar published a couple of books, one of them in a language he cannot read and the other on Artificial Intelligence. He built one of the top-rated Bitcoin trading apps on the Windows Phone platform: Bitcoin Can. He also lead the engine design work for the Into The Black game project many years ago.

Abdelrahman Hajjaj - Developer

Abdelrahman Hajjaj started making games since his first year of college. He built multiple prototypes and personal games over the years.
When he was a sophomore, he made “Chem” a puzzle-platformer game with his friends that won Microsoft imagine cup 2016 national competition.
Before joining Forgotten Mines, he ran “Blizzard’s Pirates Online” a private server for the old game “Tales of Pirates” for a year.
While not a hardcore gamer, he played multiple online and offline games. His hobbies of watching anime, reading Manga and novels act as a fuel to his game development ideas and inspirations.

Peter Talaat - Developer

Peter is a hardcore problem solver, and a seasoned C# developer. He took Earthworm Jim as his idol while growing up. Peter was always passionate about building new stuff and loved the idea of creating parallel worlds. He started developing games since his early years of college in C++ and C#. After graduation, he immediately chased a professional career in game development.

Shaimaa Abdelhamed - Developer

Mark Mccullough - Composer

Mark McCullough is a contributing writer, bassist and Chapman Stick player for the indie band, Red Wanting Blue. Since joining the band in 1999, Mark has toured all over the country, recorded 8 albums and appeared on, “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

In addition to writing for the band, Mark fell in love with composing while creating short scores to accompany videos he took while traveling around the country. He loved creating music that was inspired by the scenery that he saw in the footage. Each video gave Mark an opportunity to learn and grow as a composer, all the while tinkering with new and unfamiliar musical genres.

In recent years, Mark has begun composing music for television commercials, web videos and other forms of visual media. Feel free to check out more of his work at

Janette Alle Tamer - Audio Engineer

Janette is an audio producer and engineer. She graduated from the Tecnológico de Monterrey university with a degree in digital music production engineering. She is currently studying for her Master’s Degree in sound design at the University of Edinburgh Napier in Scotland. She has participated in the development and production of audio and video projects such as video games, commercials, animatics, narromatics, radio, cinema and television in Mexico, Chile, Australia, Greece, and the United States. At Forgotten Mines, Janette produces customized sound effects for War to the Core that help make the game sound amazing.

Mathilde Calon - 3D Artist

Mohamed Abdel Baki - 3D Artist

Mohamed is 3D Artist and avid gamer, having previously worked for post-production and animation studios. He created concept art, illustrations and storyboards visualizing the look of numerous CG sequences for advertising. Mohamed is skilled in both 2D and 3D art and is able to concept ideas while also modeling game assets in a variety of art styles.

Will Petillo - Developer

Will has been designing games and creating fictional worlds from an early age. He was featured on ABC’s The Toybox for his “Bit-Blocks” invention. Will discovered a love of programming shortly after his first experience in Virtual Reality. His first published game was Willowisp VR and he has several other projects in development which you can check out here:

Daniel Marotta - Developer

Daniele is an Italian Software Engineer. After working for a few years as a contractor in different IT fields, he finally set his mind on turning his passion for Game Development into a career. Expert C# and .NET developer, he started creating games for fun when he was a kid and published several Mobile Apps and Games for the Windows Phone platform.

Mahmoud Abaza - Developer

Mahmoud is a Computer Science student at Suez Canal University that is passionate about Games development, takes Sid Meier as his role model, before joining War to the Core team, he was making educational simulations using Unity3D for his first workplace, he was also the technical director of the game that took the first place in Microsoft Imagine Cup Egypt 2016 and the Co-founder of TEDxSuezCanalUniversity, when he is not working or studying, you can always find him in Watchpoint: Gibraltar or Summoner’s rift.

Hossam Amin - Developer

Hossam is a completely self-taught programmer. He started his earlier career was in e-learning and the causal games industry. Later he gave himself a big push into the world of 3D games development. Before joining Forgotten Mines he worked as a contract developer for companies like Promo Art  and Prima Edu on E-Learning projects for children like “Treelings” and “Tree of knowledge.” Hossam loves creating and solving puzzles and playing strategy games.

Major Contributors

Bardia Eghbali - Developer

Vando Aghili - UI Designer

Alec Slayden - Developer

Alec Slayden is a self-taught game developer focusing in Unity development, C# programming and game design. He has over a decade of 3D experience, and has done graphics for a few shows while staring longingly at game development software from afar. Once Unity became available to him, he hit the ground running and has been passionately creating games and game assets for over 5 years. He hopes one day to become a cyborg from the future sent back in time to save the world.

Tucker Cullinan - Concept Artist

Tucker began his career in video games soon after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with Eidos Montreal being his first stop. With an extensive background in world design and story telling it was long till he was working full time as a freelance concept artist based out of LA. He brings with him a diverse skill set that spans not only the video game market, but the film and television industries as well. Working on such games as Final Fantasy – Realm Reborn, Call of Duty – Black Ops III, and StarDrive II.

Rohan Spuke - 3D Modeler and Texture Artist

Rohan is a 26 years old freelance game artist based in New Delhi , India. He worked small, medium and large game studios around the world. Rohan loved playing video games since childhood and was always interested in developing games. Over all he worked on over 200 projects. A few projects his recent highlights are: Star Wars – Droid Attack, Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles – Collect and Conquer, Bebop and Rocksteady, Star Drive 2, EMERGENYC, Dilmun, Transformers – Bumblebee Blast.

Sean Thurlow - 2D Artist

Sean  is a professional freelance artist that has worked on film and video game projects for almost 5 years at the time of this writing. He grew up around sci-fi and fantasy at a young age and was hugely inspired by old classic movies such as The Day Earth Stood Still, 2001 Space Odyssey, and The Thing.  Later on he also found inspiration in old Disney Classics and Warner Bros cartoons. In his spare time he is buried in reading heavy metal comics or found biking down streets and paths in Orange County California.ext challenge.


  • Lauren Scott – 2D Artist

  • Ahmed Meligy – Artist

  • Yasmin Elsammak – 3D Modeler

  • Clint Sutton – 2D Artist

  • Marcin Woźniak – Developer

  • Mohamed Aboubakr – Developer

  • Mark McCullough – Composer

  • Jennifer Chuu – 2D Artist

  • Alex Kirichenko – 2D Artist

  • Alex Townsend – Editor

  • Yasser El Sayed – Developer

  • Maher Nour – 2D Animator

  • Ahmed Yosri – Developer

  • Duncan McPherson – Composer

  • Niels van der Leest – Composer and SFX Engineer

Minor Contributors

  • Diogo Geada – Developer

  • Areej Ibrahim – 3D Modeler

  • Alex Townsend – Editor

  • Ahmed Waked – 2D Artist

  • Abdelrahman El-Sayegh – Developer

  • Vladimir Yarovoy – Developer

  • Tomasz Grabinski – Sound Engineer

  • Simon Kwn – Composer

  • Håkan Edling – Sound Engineer & Composer

  • Dale Tibor – QA Tester

  • Daniel Meyer – QA Tester

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